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Monthly Archives: December 2016

Tips to be Happy in Relationships

A teenage girl encounters much different emotions than she would later on in her life – it’s a time fora lot of emotional turmoil that produces tears and, usually, a very hurt heart. I’m not saying this because teenage girls are irrational; I’m saying this because teenage girl’s are having a wild emotional ride due to their hormones, and they haven’t learned how to control them yet!

So if you are a teenage girl in a relationship, then take the following tips to heart. These tips will allow you to have a happier relationship with your boyfriend and yourself. They will also give you more insight into what is healthy in a relationship.

1. Don’t Let Drama In

In a movie drama is good, but your relationship suffers when there is drama in it. If you are constantly on edge, unhappy, overwhelmed or fighting in your relationship then it may be time to breakup.

A healthy relationship does not have drama in it. Breakups are always the result of a drama filled relationship. If you can’t make the relationship better than get out of the relationship. You don’t want to be telling everyone a year from now – I wish I would have dumped his ass a year ago!

That will be wasted time that you can never get back!

2. Understand That He May Not Be Committed

Just because you see the future in great detail doesn’t mean he will because teenage boys are much more likely to see – well the present moment.

If he doesn’t want to discuss commitment then don’t push it. Enjoy your time together and remember that within a few years from now he will most likely have changed his mind.

If you are upset that his commitment level is not at the level you want then don’t stay in a relationship with him. Your wanting it is not going to make him want it, and it is just going to cause you a lot of pain in the process.

3.Look Ahead To Your Future

I know that breaking up or being in a bad relationship can feel like your life sucks, but you have to remember that there is tons of life ahead of you.

This moment in time WILL seem like a drop in the bucket. In fact, your probably won’t even remember this period in your life to well.

Always look ahead to your future joy, no matter how back it seems. This may help you see that you will not be unhappy forever because of what is happening now.

4. All That Matters is Your Happiness

Teenage girls have a way of focusing on their boyfriend’s happiness. I’ve done it! What you need to remember is that your happiness is what life is all about.

Most women will tell you that they regret not living their teenage years in a state of joy. Don’t live with that regret! Enjoy yourself, and if your boyfriend or relationship is not making you happy then get out of it!

You are the only one responsible for your happiness, so be happy always!

Best Places to Meet Women

Youve tried your luck with meeting women in the bar and at the club and you have just about had it none of the women that you encounter there seem to be interested in you and it doesnt go anywhere. It is true that trying to meet a woman at a bar or a club and then dating her lowers your chances.

Firstly, most women will go to these places expecting men to hit on them, so you will be just another-guy-at-the-club. Secondly, youre staring at huge competition. There are men all over the club or bar who have seen the same attractive woman as you and they are all trying to get her attention. Some of them may be better at starting conversations with women than you, so immediately your chances are reduced. Where can you go to increases your odds of meeting women and striking up a good conversation that will lead to a date?

Here is a rule of thumb let it be places that put you in good light right from the start, a place where your contribution seems significant and not simplistic. In other words, choose places where you are part of a group that is out to achieve a specific goal and immediately, your chances are higher.

Make sure that you go for an event that is recurring so that you increase your chances of meeting her more than once. Here are some good examples.
• Volunteer work
The soup kitchen or the old peoples home may not be your cup of tea for now, but guess what? If you are a compassionate man who wouldnt mind spending some time in these kinds of places helping people, there are great, compassionate women who do the same and who will notice your contribution. It gives you time to bond without much competition, so go ahead and look around your neighborhood for a place that needs your charity.
• Sports
If you do sports of any kind, you are bound to meet women who do the same. You can go to gyms instead of working out at home. You can join a running group. You can join a karate class the options are endless so long as you take part in sport.
• Book clubs
Most of us read, and there is a reading club in most places where we leave. If not, you can start one, call on a few friends and neighbors and invite the woman of your affections. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself, talk a bit and get a date with her.
• Travel
Do you travel? Its a great way to meet women so long as you dont come off as too pushy. You can introduce yourself at the airport but do not insist on sitting next to her. On the layover, you can sit with her for some general chitchat. By the time each of you part to go your separate ways, you have enough grounds to call her and get together sometime.

The general idea is that you go to places where women tend to be, and where there is minimum competition. You will get to pick and choose and you will have enough time to strike up a conversation.

A Romantic Moments at Dusk

Most dates take place in the evening, either after work or at the end of the day on a Saturday, and therefore, with the sun going down we automatically feel more romantic. Here are a few ideas to make a date special.

Dinner Outside

Obviously you want to do this in the warmer months of the year, otherwise you risk a rather abrupt date with you both sat opposite each other shivering away. If you’re a good cook then so much the better, as this means you can impress your partner with your culinary skills. If your skills with pots and pans aren’t reliable it’s proabably best you avoid this option.

Of course, the trick with a date at dusk is being able to see the sun descend in the sky, and therefore you need to have a decent vantage point to do this. If you know a restaurant that overlooks a river or canal, for example, or want to take your date up a hill and share and evening picnic then these can both make for a really nice time together.

A Hot Air Balloon Trip

Some of the most romantic moments in fiction are when a couple are in a hot air balloon, with the two of them together, isolated from the rest of the world. When you’re on a date at dusk in one you will start the flight in late afternoon and finish it later when it’s dark.

You also get to see the full panorama of the world beneath you and this shared experience can mean that your time together is not only romantic, but a time on which you can look back and remember fondly.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas are actually quite rare in the UK but in mainland Europe or in the States they are much more common. The idea is that you drive to one of these cinemas and the local radio frequency has the sound for the movie which you then play through your car radio. It’s an unusual experience, but means that you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the latest films while being in the relative privacy of your own car. And while the sun goes down it can make the experience all the more iconic.

So you see, there are plenty of ways to have a romantic time together at dusk. All you need to do is use your imagination and think of something that.

Way to Ask a Girl Out

However, those who are yet to take the leap or have met with failure might be terrified at the prospect of asking out a girl. However, you don’t need to worry. Here, we will clarify aspects of how to ask a girl out, step by step approach to asking a girl out in person and answer common questions in this niche.

How to ask a girl out who seems hesitant? If you feel that the girl is a bit too shy or seems hesitant towards dating, you need to use a more flexible approach. This essentially means being very subtle and not pushing her. Don’t expect a direct answer from her and don’t present a direct proposal. Instead, let her warm-up to you-this means try to get a bit friendly with her. This will help her shed the inhibitions. When she seems a bit more comfortable with you, ask her out for something as casual as a cup of coffee.

How can I ask a girl out without hinting that I am desperate to date her? For starters, you need to ask a girl out in person so that she knows that you don’t have any hidden agendas. Secondly, the choice of location or backdrop of the proposal instantly relays information about what lies in your mind. Anything that offers lots of privacy or is famous as a dating spot will indirectly tell her that you are asking her out on a date. Thus, find out about the hottest, most well known dating spots. Ask out the girl to spend an evening with you at any one of these spots. In this way, you have proposed a date, indirectly-yet-confidently.

How do I ask a girl out politely? If you are wondering about how to ask a girl out nicely, remember most women like men who are courteous. The emphasis should be on asking her and not dictating terms to her. Don’t insist that she needs to answer you on the spot. Don’t pressurize her with deadlines. You need to be upfront but not arrogant or rude. Your words should be carefully chosen. Don’t try to get overfriendly with her or make it look as if you don’t even care for her answer. A soft tone does wonders in making you look polite.

How to ask a girl out casually? If you think that asking her directly isn’t the best approach, you could use a slightly casual approach. This refers to not taking her out to the usual romantic spots in the city or asking her out for late-night movie. A casual approach is best achieved by asking her out for something that has a friendly theme to it. This includes activities like bowling, playing snooker or go-karting. These activities aren’t counted among the conventional, first-date ambiences and help to make your proposal look casual.

How to ask a girl out in person? Please understand that there is no other way of asking out a girl. Asking her on the phone or via emails is just rude. You need to present yourself as confident man. Don’t wait for the right opportunity as she might always seem busy. Yes, do take care of asking her out in person when she is not surrounded by people. This helps to neutralize any awkwardness that can be created due to the presence of strangers. Be dressed in clothes that make you feel comfortable. Don’t overdress and don’t try to show-off too many brands/labels. Just try to relax and look her in the eyes as you ask her out. Your body language and your eyes should be suggestive, without seeming too anxious.