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A Romantic Moments at Dusk

Most dates take place in the evening, either after work or at the end of the day on a Saturday, and therefore, with the sun going down we automatically feel more romantic. Here are a few ideas to make a date special.

Dinner Outside

Obviously you want to do this in the warmer months of the year, otherwise you risk a rather abrupt date with you both sat opposite each other shivering away. If you’re a good cook then so much the better, as this means you can impress your partner with your culinary skills. If your skills with pots and pans aren’t reliable it’s proabably best you avoid this option.

Of course, the trick with a date at dusk is being able to see the sun descend in the sky, and therefore you need to have a decent vantage point to do this. If you know a restaurant that overlooks a river or canal, for example, or want to take your date up a hill and share and evening picnic then these can both make for a really nice time together.

A Hot Air Balloon Trip

Some of the most romantic moments in fiction are when a couple are in a hot air balloon, with the two of them together, isolated from the rest of the world. When you’re on a date at dusk in one you will start the flight in late afternoon and finish it later when it’s dark.

You also get to see the full panorama of the world beneath you and this shared experience can mean that your time together is not only romantic, but a time on which you can look back and remember fondly.

Outdoor Cinema

Outdoor cinemas are actually quite rare in the UK but in mainland Europe or in the States they are much more common. The idea is that you drive to one of these cinemas and the local radio frequency has the sound for the movie which you then play through your car radio. It’s an unusual experience, but means that you have the opportunity to enjoy one of the latest films while being in the relative privacy of your own car. And while the sun goes down it can make the experience all the more iconic.

So you see, there are plenty of ways to have a romantic time together at dusk. All you need to do is use your imagination and think of something that.