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Best Places to Meet Women

Youve tried your luck with meeting women in the bar and at the club and you have just about had it none of the women that you encounter there seem to be interested in you and it doesnt go anywhere. It is true that trying to meet a woman at a bar or a club and then dating her lowers your chances.

Firstly, most women will go to these places expecting men to hit on them, so you will be just another-guy-at-the-club. Secondly, youre staring at huge competition. There are men all over the club or bar who have seen the same attractive woman as you and they are all trying to get her attention. Some of them may be better at starting conversations with women than you, so immediately your chances are reduced. Where can you go to increases your odds of meeting women and striking up a good conversation that will lead to a date?

Here is a rule of thumb let it be places that put you in good light right from the start, a place where your contribution seems significant and not simplistic. In other words, choose places where you are part of a group that is out to achieve a specific goal and immediately, your chances are higher.

Make sure that you go for an event that is recurring so that you increase your chances of meeting her more than once. Here are some good examples.
• Volunteer work
The soup kitchen or the old peoples home may not be your cup of tea for now, but guess what? If you are a compassionate man who wouldnt mind spending some time in these kinds of places helping people, there are great, compassionate women who do the same and who will notice your contribution. It gives you time to bond without much competition, so go ahead and look around your neighborhood for a place that needs your charity.
• Sports
If you do sports of any kind, you are bound to meet women who do the same. You can go to gyms instead of working out at home. You can join a running group. You can join a karate class the options are endless so long as you take part in sport.
• Book clubs
Most of us read, and there is a reading club in most places where we leave. If not, you can start one, call on a few friends and neighbors and invite the woman of your affections. It gives you a chance to introduce yourself, talk a bit and get a date with her.
• Travel
Do you travel? Its a great way to meet women so long as you dont come off as too pushy. You can introduce yourself at the airport but do not insist on sitting next to her. On the layover, you can sit with her for some general chitchat. By the time each of you part to go your separate ways, you have enough grounds to call her and get together sometime.

The general idea is that you go to places where women tend to be, and where there is minimum competition. You will get to pick and choose and you will have enough time to strike up a conversation.