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Tips for Seducing Beautiful Women

Ever felt an urge to chase absolutely hot women but failed? Ever wanted to grab that hot chick in the club but felt unconfident because you lack the skills to seduce her and you are afraid you might end up making a fool out of yourself? Wondering how even not-so-attractive men get those irresistably attractive women in a single attempt? Well, then you should consider the following successful flirt tips that should be in your knowledge before you take the next big step towards approaching fine women.

1) DO NOT ACT LIKE A HERO! – The first and foremost of the flirt tips that you should focus on is the fact that women do not (yes I mean DO NOT) like men who tend to flaunt excessively and try to be all that which they are not. Men who go on talking about themselves, like how good they look or how charming their personality is, should know that they seem absolutely pathetic to the female they are talking to. Women usually like open men who make themselves and the other comfortable to talk about several topics rather than boasting about themselves only.

2) LEARN TO PRAISE – Another important one of the flirt tips is to frequently compliment the woman on her looks, her skills, or may be her way of walking or carrying a certain accessory. The more you compliment the woman, the more she will begin to like you even if she does not show it on the outside. However, make sure not to overdo things; make her believe that what you are saying is true; The moment she gets a hint that you are praising her on purpose, you can be in deep trouble.

3) AVOID DISCUSSING YOUR EX(s) OR OTHER WOMEN – The discussions you are having with the woman should be very fluid and less awkward but you should make sure that it should not ruin your image – The woman should never develop a feeling that you are a player. This is a significant flirt tip as the women might start to avoid you for the sake of avoiding getting in a trap of a player. Hence, you should never go on talking about how many exs you have had or may be what you liked about a specific female. Remember your goal is to win that particular woman, it is not to reflect upon your past and thereby ruin your present.

4) MAKE HER BELIEVE YOU REALLY LIKE HER OVER OTHER WOMEN – This flirt tip is the ‘perfect crown’ for all other flirt tips mentioned as it sums up the essential tactics to get the girl you want. Once you have taken the initiative and you sense that the girl appears to feel good in your company, you can now go on and take the next step. There could be many ways you can do this; You can take her out frequently, giver her gifts, tell her how beautiful you think she is and how much it would mean to you if you have her. Even if you have a straightforward personality, you can just tell her upfront how much you like her and that you would not play with her at all. Attractive women tend to like blunt men as they seem eccentric to them from all the guys who ask them out usually with the same old beating-about-the-bush technique.

5) BE YOURSELF – A perfect one of flirt tips to conclude the list of tips, is my suggestion for the men to just be yourself. Do not be fake or pretencious; The girl will obviously like you for who you are, not who your are trying to be. Remember that girls fall for originality of the guy, no matter what kind of personality he possesses. We women do not have a liking for certain type of guys, and even if we do, we are never adamant on our desire to get that kind of a man only. We love men who be who they actually are because that is what makes them stand out from all the other guys!