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Tips for Writing Online Dating Profile

How much time do you spend preparing to impress for that long awaited date? It might be one hour or even five hours but it’s likely to be much longer than the ten minutes or so online daters take to complete their profile. Yes, filling online forms can seem like a laborious chore but if you want to stand out from the crowd and find your soulmate then it’s worth making the efforts. Here’s a useful check list to help you on your way to dating success :-

1) Smile please

Yes a picture really does paint a thousand words. Try to get a picture taken that is a smiling head and shoulders shot. The photo should be recent and not touched up to present a glamour that simply isn’t there. Be yourself and if you are male, fifty, chubby and follicly challenged (okay bald!) then don’t post up a shot of when you were 30 with a sleek athletic figure and a full head of hair. Yes you might get lots of first dates but they may be brief and I wouldn’t bank on a second date. Honesty really is the best policy.

Men should avoid posing against a background of a flash expensive car. Remember the viewers of your picture have signed up to a dating site rather than Auto Trader and pictures highlighting your wealth can give an impression of arrogance or attract the wrong type.

2) Be creative with your username

Humor and creativity can help make a great impression. One recent female dating profile had the username ‘catalogue 57363’ and she light-heartedly highlighted her impression that she felt like an item in an online shop window. Be yourself and match your username to your personality without making it sound too cheesy or egotistical.

3) Stand out from the crowd

Give the reader an insight into your personality, aspirations and hobbies without of course revealing any personal data that may compromise safety. You don’t have to write a long essay but a small descriptive piece with a little self-deprecating wit can be appealing.

4) Mind the gap!

Yes, some online sites have forms that make you feel like you are filling out a long-winded job application. But if it is a good site then it’s worth the effort. Don’t be tempted to skip sections or write ‘tell you later’ or otherwise prospective partners might think you are either not that bothered or have something to hide. Quite simply, if you can’t be motivated to complete the profile then don’t be surprised if nobody is motivated to contact you.

5) Avoid negativity

Don’t mention the ex and leave excess baggage to airports rather than your profile. If you really want to find an attractive and positive person then a bitter rant about your dislikes will not help. Nobody wants to meet scammers, time-wasters or mad axe-men but highlighting your fears is not necessarily going to deter the undesirables and it may put off the vast majority of decent people who might otherwise have been interested. Exude positivity and that will help you attract the dating partner you would like to meet.

6) Be descriptive

Try and avoid using a list of over-used adjectives such as ‘kind, caring and fun’. It’s almost a given that most people want to meet people who have those qualities. It’s much better to write something with a little wit that demonstrates you have a good sense of humor rather than simply state ‘gosh.’

If you like music then reveal your favorite style or singer. If you enjoy sports tell the readers which ones rather than just saying you like physical activities. After all, your reader will not know if you are referring to cage fighting or ballroom dancing!

Above all, remember that writing your profile can be fun. Be creative and let your personality shine through to help attract that elusive ideal partner you would love to meet.