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Tips Improve your Dating Success by a Flirt

Flirting can be seen as a magical black art that comes very naturally to some people while others can be left puzzled by it. The aim of flirting is to let someone know you are interested in them; it is not to try to impress them. If you flirt with someone you like and they like you they will flirt back.

Whole books have been written on flirting and I will only scratch the surface in this article. I will, however, show you that there are some simple rules which anyone can follow to start flirting more successfully.


Successful flirting begins with proper preparation. Before you go out, make sure you look your best. Pick clothes that suit you and make you look your best. You could always ask a trusted friends advice about this. This is of double benefit because people are attracted to good looking people and also looking your best makes you feel good about yourself. When you feel good you are more confident and people find confidence attractive.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact with someone you want to flirt with is important. You can do this fro the other side of the room so you do not need to build up the courage to approach the person at this early stage. You want to look at them occasionally and just as they look at you wait just a tiny bit longer than normal to look away. It is important not to stare though as this makes you look more creepy than attractive.


The simplest way to start flirting with someone is by smiling. You should look at him or her and smile when they are looking at you. Then look away but keep smiling. Smiling comes naturally to pretty much everyone and no one should feel self conscious about it. This means that even the shyest of people can start flirting by smiling.

Body Language

When you first meet someone, just over half of their initial impression of you will be based on your appearance and body language. This means it is important to get this right.

Show an open, friendly posture do not cross your arms as this suggests to onlookers that you are not open to communication and that you don’t want people to approach you. An open posture suggests the opposite. If you are a male, fill your space. Do not sit squashed up in a corner. Sitting or standing relaxed and open gives the impression of confidence and makes you approachable.


People are always worried about what to say when they start talking to someone new. They want to impress them and don’t want to look foolish. In fact the way that you speak is about 5 times as important as the actual content.

In my opinion chat up lines do not work. Complements are good especially when aimed at a woman. Try to complement them on something nice like their eyes or hair or smile. Steer clear of complementing something like their breasts as this will just be seen as offensive.

When in conversation, ask questions and listen to their answers. People like to talk about themselves so show interest. Do not spend all the time talking about yourself and trying to impress them with your achievements. Talk using a medium varied pitch and tone to show interest, but don’t vary it too much or you’ll just seem strange. Talking to slowly and too flat will make you seem boring while talking to quickly will make you seem overbearing.