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Tips to be Happy in Relationships

A teenage girl encounters much different emotions than she would later on in her life – it’s a time fora lot of emotional turmoil that produces tears and, usually, a very hurt heart. I’m not saying this because teenage girls are irrational; I’m saying this because teenage girl’s are having a wild emotional ride due to their hormones, and they haven’t learned how to control them yet!

So if you are a teenage girl in a relationship, then take the following tips to heart. These tips will allow you to have a happier relationship with your boyfriend and yourself. They will also give you more insight into what is healthy in a relationship.

1. Don’t Let Drama In

In a movie drama is good, but your relationship suffers when there is drama in it. If you are constantly on edge, unhappy, overwhelmed or fighting in your relationship then it may be time to breakup.

A healthy relationship does not have drama in it. Breakups are always the result of a drama filled relationship. If you can’t make the relationship better than get out of the relationship. You don’t want to be telling everyone a year from now – I wish I would have dumped his ass a year ago!

That will be wasted time that you can never get back!

2. Understand That He May Not Be Committed

Just because you see the future in great detail doesn’t mean he will because teenage boys are much more likely to see – well the present moment.

If he doesn’t want to discuss commitment then don’t push it. Enjoy your time together and remember that within a few years from now he will most likely have changed his mind.

If you are upset that his commitment level is not at the level you want then don’t stay in a relationship with him. Your wanting it is not going to make him want it, and it is just going to cause you a lot of pain in the process.

3.Look Ahead To Your Future

I know that breaking up or being in a bad relationship can feel like your life sucks, but you have to remember that there is tons of life ahead of you.

This moment in time WILL seem like a drop in the bucket. In fact, your probably won’t even remember this period in your life to well.

Always look ahead to your future joy, no matter how back it seems. This may help you see that you will not be unhappy forever because of what is happening now.

4. All That Matters is Your Happiness

Teenage girls have a way of focusing on their boyfriend’s happiness. I’ve done it! What you need to remember is that your happiness is what life is all about.

Most women will tell you that they regret not living their teenage years in a state of joy. Don’t live with that regret! Enjoy yourself, and if your boyfriend or relationship is not making you happy then get out of it!

You are the only one responsible for your happiness, so be happy always!