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Way to Flirt Effective Flirting Technique

Many people wonder how to flirt in the most effective way. Flirting if done in the best way possible could land you a date and has even led to marriages. Flirting is not always about sexual attraction but rather playing a mind game with your crush. The most effective flirting techniques have been analyzed here.

When you notice a man or a lady somewhere that you would like to have a chat with you can signal them through your body language. Ladies make it more effective by maintaining a slight eye contact with the man and then turning away. This creates some form of mystery and makes the man want to come over. A man can signal a lady that he is interested in by giving them the confident stare. It should not be for long because it can scare her off.

When walking a girl should start walking slowly in case she notices a cute guy behind her. An over the shoulder look gives even more signal and looks flirtier. A well planned trip works the trick further and if the guy is cool enough he will come over to help. For a guy he just needs to either wink or say hi to a girl and if interested she can stop and listen.

The next step is approaching and having a chat. This is the trickiest part and the key to success is confidence. A man who approaches a lady with confidence usually hits the jackpot. Women like men who are somehow dominant and not nervous. Select your pick up line well so you do not scare a woman by being a jerk.

Most women think that they look slutty by approaching a man but it is not usually the case. In fact, most men get turned on by such women because they look mature and sure of what they want.

Complementing someone increases your chance of talking to him or her but if not careful ccould end up with both of you stuck in the friend zone. The key to successful flirting is teasing the other person. Turn your conversation into some sort of a mind game by challenging each other. You keep him or her for long if you are well prepared to hit back whenever a challenge is presented.

During the chat, keep smiling and maintain eye contact because it shows that you are still interested in him or her. A guy should comment on a womans dressing and body. Ladies love attention and it shows that you have been taking a good look at her all this time meaning you are interested in her.

To show interest in a man, a lady can comment about how cool he looks. Telling a man how athletic he is shows just how you are into him. Playing hard to get a little does work the trick but after a few lines of conversation you should be able to know a way around him.

A man can also show more interest in a girl by touching her hair and arms. For ladies it works by hitting on his chest softly when he says something funny and saying how perky and strong he is.