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Way to Get a Kiss for Men

It always has been a dilemma for men to make a decision on the most appropriate time to kiss a woman. What always lingers in their mind is what if it turns out that is not what the woman had in mind? They are scared that it might even end the relationship that they have. It is only human to be scared but surely there are ways to go about it.

When on a date, you can show her that you want something more than a chat by touching her softly. It can start by slowly caressing her arms especially the upper arms. You can then move on to touching her hair and then her face. Touching a womans lips with both the index finger and middle finger at the same time should do the trick.

You can give hints that you want a kiss in your conversation. It does not have to be directly addressed but you could go about it by simply asking her if she has ever kissed someone and how she liked her first kiss. Most women should feel comfortable answering this question and if they play along you should go ahead and tease her about what she says. It works better if you tell her that you are a better kisser and then she would get a hint of where the conversation is headed.

From the first date, you should be able to determine if the woman prefers that you kiss her instantly. Some women may be open enough and give a green light but most of them are reserved and wait for the man to take control of the situation.

Try to pick a private spot to go ahead for a kiss. Most women prefer privacy and intimacy especially in the early stages of a relationship. A man should not confuse a woman who does not want to kiss in public for not wanting a kiss at all.

If in a house, you can get a woman to kiss you by first playing with her on the couch then caressing her and moving on to kiss her. The less formal you make it the simpler it becomes. Women kiss men that they are comfortable with and who are fun to be with.

When you are about to part ways keep a firm grip of her hands and pull her back in romantic way. Keep close body contact and move closer to look at her straight in the eyes and lips too. Tell her in low tones how wonderful she is and then move ahead to give her a peck on the lips. If she does not resist then it is a sign for you to go ahead for an even better kiss. Dancing to a romantic song increases your chances of getting kissed especially as the music is about to end.

For all this to happen it is important that you maintain a good breathe. You should also be confident and avoid any nervousness because it makes her doubt your intentions with her. Your facial expression also says it all. Showing a smiley and caring face reminds her that you are not just playing with her feelings.